Wu-Tang Thangs: Wu-Nuts, Ironman Box

Wu-Nuts: The Wu-Tang/Peanuts & Classic Hip Hop art mash-up.

I first saw this last week. After a little diggin’ I found that this art mash-up comes from artist Mark Drew who re-constructs the Peanuts with lines from classic Wu, Biggie, Nas, Digital Underground, N.W.A, Gang Starr and others. It’s part of an exhibit called Deez Nuts, first seen in an ezine of the same name

Nice, but let’s not forget the where the inspiration probably came from … respect the architects:

Da Mystery of Trophy Boxing: Almost two decades later, Ghostface Kkillah’s Ironman is still living life and it’s Golden.
Last up is Ghostface’s trophy box edition of his debut disc, Ironman, nearly 17 years after its initial release put out by Boston-based reissue boutique label, Get On Down.
It includes a 24 karat gold disc for enhanced audio quality, a gold plaque, a jigsaw puzzle of the cover artwork and, if you order through their website, Get On Down will include two gold foil stickers, to boot.
This isn’t the first time they’ve given the Wu tha bizness. They’ve released some pretty ridiculous classic Clan stuff in the past – The Chess Box, the re-purposing of The Gza’s classic Liquid Swords disc, a wallet box version of Ol’ Dirty’s Return To The 36 Chambers, and Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx Deluxe Purple Tape Box – and are currently working with the Rza’s Soul Temple label on several upcoming projects. Look out for a Supreme Clientele (my personal favorite Ghostface project) in the future, as well
Check their site for a cultural cornucopia of classics from the crates across numerous genres.  Hopefully in the future I can do an in-depth piece with them. Until then, you can check for Get On Down’s doings daily at their blog. 

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