Black Music Month is Every Month

Black Music Month.

An oxymoronic statement if I’ve ever heard one.


Every June we celebrate the contributions that Americans of African descent have made to the American music industry, a $67 billion dollar industry as of 2011.

We pick one calendar month out of every year to marvel at their aural architectural efforts to this musical landscape, how the multitude of voices and rhythms have like fibers been woven together into a rich colorful cultural tapestry recognized the world over as something aesthetically beautiful, unique, rich, powerful and ultimately influential.

Every single form of musical expression in this country bears the mark and impression if not the DNA of what I call The Pool of Black Genius.

From field songs to Negro Spirituals to the Blues to Jazz to Rock n’ Roll to R&B to Soul to Rap to Disco and Techno … Folk, Rockabilly and Country all bear the watermark of The Pool.

Theres no such thing as Black Music Month.

Every download, stream, music video, music blog and YouTube view proves it.

Every day is Black Music Day, even if we only get one month to celebrate it. 

All I ask is that while the populace mimics, shakes asses flat and phat to it and acts like it discovered fire for the first time, show some respect to the architects, the composers of the soundtrack(s) to life as we know it.

Let the redundant redundancy begin.


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