India.Arie – “Cocoa Butter”

Off her upcoming album Songservation, India.Arie returns after a four year hiatus with a simple, sensual song and video, “Cocoa Butter”.

It finds her singing the praises of her new for love being a balm to her heart and soul, helping to heal the bruises, wounds and scars left by her previous paramour.

Over a bassy groove, she shows you she’s still got it on the second verse:

“I show you my burns, you show me lessons learned, I show you my scars, you show me works of art, I show you a blemish, you show me God’s not finished, with every imperfection you showed me your blessing, you’ve got a way of making it all okay …”

Well. Damn.

As nice as it is it really feels like just a nice warm-up single, not an out-the-box smash or a signal of a new direction musically or message-wise. But it does set the table for some vintage India.Arie, which is always welcome. 

I, for one, think it’s nice to see her back on the scene sounding – and looking – as fine as ever.









Songversation available June 25th


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