Black Music Month – What I’m Rockin’ Right Now: New Wu-Tang Clan “Family Reunion”

Image Those witty, unpredictable, talented cats with natural game from the island of Staten are back with “Family Reunion”, an appetizer to their forthcoming platter A Better Tomorrow, dropping in July.

The RZA produced cut built on an O’Jays hook lifted from the classic Philly Soul track of the same name features Masta Killa, Method Man, Ghostface Killah and the RZA himself reflecting on the Clan’s two decade run. Meth sums it all up magnificently:

“We rock all in together now, Wu-Tang forever now,  Twenty years later we still bang, whatever now, turned chains to cheddar. If I could take a quote from Obama, change is better. I vow to never let you down, remember Meth Tical? In my circle, haters is never ’round; I’m a boss, hold that together, now reunited, the whole world excited …”

Tony Starks, aka, Ghostface uses the third verse to pay homage to his folks who have moved on, from his Grandmother, aunts and, of course, the irreplaceable Ol’ Dirty Bastard:

“I miss my grandmother, my aunts and Unique Ason,
… Fangs hangin’ out his mouth, his fronts was golden.
Wildin’ – record execs can’t control him …
Still no matter what, we gon’ rep the name
Look at your family, we got twenty years in the game”

Last year the RZA set the stage for the feast: “There’s one last job Wu-Tang Clan must do,” he said. “The 20th anniversary [of “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)”] is next year. We need to, one time, completely, efficiently, properly represent our brand.” (New York Times via Pitchfork)

The table is set quite lovely for these veteran verbalists from Shaolin city who revolutionized the game to wine and dine one last time (supposedly) as a crew. Until dinner is served, remember, keep it all in together now. It’s Wu-Tang forever, y’all. 

A Different Tomorrow drops in July.


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