What I’m Rockin’ Right Now: “Givin’ Them What They Love”, by Janelle Monae, featuring Prince.

“Givin’ Them What They Love” is the lead vocal offering from Janelle Monae’s new project, Electric Lady. The second track after the instrumental intro features Monae’s unofficial mentor, His Royal Badness himself, Prince. The pairing sounds like they were split from the same embryo, with Monae spitsangin’ rebellion and defiance from the first mouthful of syllables :


“I am sharper than a razor
Eyes made of lasers
Bolder than the truth
They want me locked up in the system
Cause I’m on a mission
Blame it on my youth

Too long I’ve been out here on my own
Now I’m ’bout to bring it home
Like a rolling stone

I ain’t never been afraid to die
Look a man in the eye,

I come to give you what you love …”

Taken from the album Electric Lady,(Bad Boy/Atlantic), the song is akin to a Money Mayweather jab + a head feint + and turtle-like head poke: the perfect setup for a masterful lesson is the sweet science that singing is supposed to be.  

Dig if you will, this scripture.


Master Class: The Jackson 5, “Lookin’ Through The Window”

One of my favorite J5 joints … short, simple, melodic, crazy vocal performances by both young Mike and his brothers with the backgrounds.

That youthful exuberance and hope despite not knowing what love is about? The essence of Michael and The J5.

“Lookin’ through the windows, the window to your heart, oh baby, yeah
I can see it’s cloudy, the rain’s about to start
Lookin’ through the windows it seems I caused your fears, yeah, yeah, yeah
And that little doubt girl. and now it’s bringing tears …”

The Jackson 5 – “Lookin’ Through The Window”