RESPECT DUE: R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou

Word are my tools, my instruments, my friends, even.

I find comfort and joy, wonder even in the God-given ability to employ them to express my feelings, thoughts and desires, sometimes with clarion clarity and others to work my way through whatever is happening or going on in my life and the world we live in that I sometimes can’t quite decipher.

But sometimes, nothing I say, nothing that could or can be said will ever quite capture the ephemeral essence of the moment, the event.

This is one of those times.

So, instead of reaching, trying, grasping and wrestling in an attempt to convey our collective loss, I’m going to put them away now.

Instead, I will let the words of others and most importantly, more significantly the words of Dr. Maya Angelou herself speak in this time of great and immeasurable loss.

R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou.

For the example and the gifts that will keep on giving, living maybe, perhaps even when this world is windswept cosmic dust and displaced energy seeking some new place, planet or plane to be, I humbly Thank You.



LeVar Burton Takes To The Internet To Bring Reading Rainbow To All Kids

LeVar Burton = True Dedication. If I had a milli, he could get it.


If a butterfly is in the sky and you feel you could, feasibly, fly twice as high, why not turn to Kickstarter to bring about the second coming of the Reading Rainbow? If you’re LeVar Burton, that’s just what you do.

The classic educational program beloved by 80s kids is already on the iTunes store along with a number of Reading Rainbow-branded books and apps for kids. What Burton wants to do now is to move the content to the web and give all of the content to schools for free. The company is hoping to raise $1 million to get all this done.

He writes:

Reading Rainbow’s digital collection already contains hundreds of books and video field trips… but with your help, we’ll be able to make the Reading Rainbow library available on more of the devices modern kids use to consume content. When we meet our initial…

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CENTR Cam Is A GoPro Competitor That Captures Everything Around You



While smartphones have decimated the point-and-shoot camera market, the emergence of GoPro as a $1 billion company has shown that there’s still an audience willing to pay for a device that can take great footage at big events or during outdoor activities like hiking or snowboarding.

But for most people, a $200+ camera is overkill when smartphones are increasingly capable of taking great low-light photos and image-stabilized video. For GoPro to be worth it, you have to regularly put yourself into situations where you wouldn’t want to have your iPhone out and exposed.

CENTR Cam, a startup founded by former members of the iPhone camera team, hopes that it’s built a camera that can make headway in the consumer market by letting anyone capture everything happening in a 360-degree radius.

By combining footage from four 1080p cameras into an interactive, enveloping panorama, CENTR hopes to stand out from a…

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