CENTR Cam Is A GoPro Competitor That Captures Everything Around You



While smartphones have decimated the point-and-shoot camera market, the emergence of GoPro as a $1 billion company has shown that there’s still an audience willing to pay for a device that can take great footage at big events or during outdoor activities like hiking or snowboarding.

But for most people, a $200+ camera is overkill when smartphones are increasingly capable of taking great low-light photos and image-stabilized video. For GoPro to be worth it, you have to regularly put yourself into situations where you wouldn’t want to have your iPhone out and exposed.

CENTR Cam, a startup founded by former members of the iPhone camera team, hopes that it’s built a camera that can make headway in the consumer market by letting anyone capture everything happening in a 360-degree radius.

By combining footage from four 1080p cameras into an interactive, enveloping panorama, CENTR hopes to stand out from a…

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