Mining for (Black) Gold In Black History Month

After seeing Imani Uzuri’s “Sun Moon Child” video []  posted by my man Bob Wisdom on Facebook, I was compelled to post an addition, a companion clip, this being Black History Month and all. The only problem was that there was a dearth of current videos to post.

Not to cop the Ol’ Man-talkin’-to-the-young-whippersnapper stance, but in the Golden Age of Hip Hop when I came up, there were a slew of songs and accompanying visual representations to pick from. I thought about the most positive current joint I could think of. (Sadly) It wasn’t something you could call Hip Hop, but the very energy of the song was the direct descendant of Hip Hop Culture, I think. (Some would argue that it’s just Black/African American cultural expression, that we’ve been expressing ourselves positively forever, but since just about everything that’s come out of the diaspora in the last nearly 40 or so years has been distilled though the sieve that is Hip Hop, I can’t deny filtering it accordingly, though you’re welcome to try).

What I offered on Facebook and now as the initial post on my blog, Foolish Dreamer, was Esperanza Spalding’s “Black Gold”. (It was a great personal and prideful bonus surprise that my brother-from-another, David Glimore is in the video playing guitar with his singularly soulful self and style. I see, you Giz!).

But as I watched the clip, it made me feel sad, almost mournful for the day when Hip Hop was so much more and Rap itself had so much more to offer.

So, as a dutiful Dad and official O.G. that I am – a title bestowed by others that I have only recently, albeit humbly and gratefully accepted – I had to offer up not only an encore of “Black Gold”, but a few of what I think are some of the best positive message visual representations I could find. The fact that none of them are current is a problem: I welcome and encourage more recent additions to my list.

I hope you enjoy them and can actually share them with your kids, and discuss them. I will.


Esperanza Spalding – “Black Gold”

Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers – “Black My Story”                           

Boogie Down Productions – “You Must Learn”                                       

Kool G. Rap ft: Biz Markie & Big Daddy Kane – “Erase Racism”          

Queen Latifah ft., Monie Love – “Ladies First” –

Other Clips: Brand Nubian, “Wake Up” , YZ, “Thinking Of A Master Plan”, Eric B & Rakim, “Know The Ledge”, H.E.A.L., “Heal Yourself”, “The Stop The Violence Movement, “Self-Destruction”, GangStarr, “Jazz Thing”, King Sun, “Be Black”, 2Pac, “Keep Your Head Up”