Black Music Month/Commercial Wrap: Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail’ “One To Many” Spot

[Disclaimer:Yeah, I know it’s not Black Music Month anymore. I know it’s July. But this is an unfinished piece leftover from BMM. Hate it or love it, it is what it is. Expect more. Whut?!?]

With “One to Many”, the third ad spot in his Magna Carta Holy Grail Samsung blitzkrieg of a campaign, Jay-Z gets to the nut of the whole effort, tying the economics of the deal in a flowery philosophical bow:

“This time that we’re in right now, in this new independence … we don’t have any rules.  Everyone’s trying to figure it out. We need to write the new rules for what’s going on right now.”

Jay-Z – “One to Many”


But this is nothing new.

Analysts and strategists and label execs and marketers have been saying this for most of the last decade, if not longer.

But when Jay says it, everybody listens.

Especially the star endorsement conscious consumer and the wanna-be-cool-kid who dreams he or she might one day be just like Jay-Z.

Call it the cool factor, call it cache, call it whatever you want but just know that he knows that the fans know it. Trust  that.

He also knows that the corporations know it and he translates that into cold hard cash.

He’s got the team/machine to make the needle move and that means money, honey.

While his compadre Yeezus is busy decrying the corporations with an offering that is anything but mainstream, Mr. Carter prefers to promote through promulgation.

His C.R.E.A.M-like ethos brings all the brands to the yard.


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